The LXCat team in chronological order

S Pancheshnyi (Switzerland); MC Bordage, B Chaudhury, S Chowdhury, GJM Hagelaar, LC Pitchford and V Puech (France); K Bartschat, WL Morgan, L Viehland and O Zatsarinny (USA); J d'Urquijo, AA Castrejón-Pita, JL Hernández-Ávila, E Basurto (Mexico); I Bray and DV Fursa (Australia); SF Biagi and Quantemol (UK); LL Alves and CM Ferreira (Portugal); I Kochetov and A Napartovich (Russia); Y Itikawa (Japan); A Stauffer, C Brion (Canada); J van Dijk (The Netherlands), W Graef (The Netherlands), M Hopkins (USA), B Yee (USA), D Mihailova (The Netherlands), E Carbone (Canada), JC Stephens (USA), D Boer (The Netherlands), L Vialetto (USA)

How to contact us

Questions/remarks about use LXCat site should be addressed to info@@lxcat.net.

Technical support and organization

Concept design and development by Sergey Pancheshnyi, administration assistance by Bhaskar Chaudhury, general data management by Sanchita Chowdhury and Leanne Pitchford.

Hardware was provided in 2010 by the Network of Low-Temperature Plasma of the CNRS, French National Center for Scientific Research. Eindhoven University of Technology joined the project in 2013 installing a mirroring server for a more relaible service.

How it all started

This site was started in 2010 by researchers at LAPLACE, Laboratoire des Plasmas et Conversion d'Energie, a laboratory operated jointly by the CNRS, the University of Toulouse and the Institut Polytechnique of Toulouse.

The electron and ion databases were originally separate structures and accessible through two different websites called LXCat and ICECat, respectively. In April 2012, the databases were combined into a common structure and we have incorporated the ICECat site into LXCat. Both electron and ion data are now accessible from this one site.