How to reference data

Use of the data from this site in publications should be accompanied by proper references. Original references should be used where possible and reference should be made to the specific database(s) from which data were retrieved, the LXCat site address, and the retrieved date. Example:

TRINITI database, www.lxcat.net, retrieved on September 19, 2021.

How to reference on-line calculations

Swarm coefficient calculated on this site should make reference to both the cross section data in the above format and to BOLSIG+, the Boltzmann solver used in the calculations:

G.J.M. Hagelaar and L.C. Pitchford, "Solving the Boltzmann equation to obtain electron transport coefficients and rate coefficients for fluid models", Plasma Sci Sources and Tech 14, 722 (2005).

How to reference text documents

Publications and conference proceedings should be referenced according to journal specifications. All unpublished material on this site should be referenced as "private communication" with the date given on the document, the author's name, date, and the retrieved date. Example:

Dutton database, private communication, www.lxcat.net, retrieved on September 19, 2021.

Copyrights and commercial use

The databases on this site remain property of their respective contributors and are not to be distributed by third parties or used for commercial purposes. All questions regarding copyright should be addressed to the LXCat team.